Leaking nuclear power plant in New York

New York City’s nuclear power plant is leaking radioactive material into the Hudson river.

Andrew Cuomo New York’s governor recently asked for an investigation after Indian Point, (a nuclear power plant on the Hudson River), has reported a leak of radioactive material flowing into the groundwater. New samples taken from the local groundwater show that contamination levels are 80% higher than previous samples, making experts to claim this leak is spreading in “a disaster waiting to happen” and calling for the plant to be completely shut down. The nuclear power plant is located just 25 miles north of New York City, and it is a crucial source of power for over 23 million people living in NYC.

The Indian Point plant is located upriver from NYC, making it a serious threat to the whole region. The plant has been operating for 40 years, and is generating about 25 percent of the electric power for Westchester and New York City. The plant is  owned by Entergy, and is leaking tritium (a radioactive substance). Three of the forty wells of the plant showed an increase in radioactive material, and one of the wells showed a 65,000 percent increase.

John J. Kelly, (former director of licensing for Indian Point and a certified healthy physicist), said that tritium is a radioactive form of hydrogen that is found naturally, and Entergy has states that this leak will not harm local inhabitants, as the groundwater is located on their property.

This is not the first problem at the plant – Indian Point has experienced other leaks in the past ( Power failures, fires and an alarm failure in the past year). The investigation may influence whether the power plant continues to operate in the future or not.

Secretary of State Cesar Perales stated : “For over 40 years, Entergy’s Indian Point nuclear facilities have been damaging the coastal resources of the Hudson River estuary…New York is home to four commercial nuclear facilities. When properly located and safely functioning, these facilities are regarded as important generators of electricity… However, by virtue of its location as well as its operations, the Department cannot make the same finding as to Indian Point,”

People are living in a transitional time as we move towards sustainable solutions for the masses. The time will be filled with dangerous circumstances as nuclear power plants and equipment age. At some point in the close future, a super-economical solution will present itself, and the costs of home power production will continue to fall. Continuing throughout this time, points will be crossed where old equipment becomes obsolete and removed with new ideas cheaper and cheaper to implement. Managing and observing this transition in light of huge population centers is the key to a safe and secure future for everyone and new generations to come.


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