The Bermuda Triangle – another theory

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as ” Devil’s Triangle”, is an almost triangle area, with its three corners situated in Bermuda Islands, Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the Atlantic Ocean. The surface that covers these points is of approximately 1.2 mil square kilometers.The Bermuda Triangle map

There are some speculations that in this region paranormal phenomena take place. It is known that a large number of ships and flight machines have disappeared due to unknown paranormal activities that turn around all laws of physics. These matters have been also blamed on extraterrestrial beings. In spite of all these ideas, the Coast Guard of the United States reveals ideas that indicate the fact that the number of ships and airplanes gone missing is not larger than in other frequently used routes of the world.  On a detailed search it was revealed that a lot of the so called mysteries weren’t so mysterious after all. Even with fabrication errors or mistakes ships and planes have completed routes over and over again for years.

New theory about Bermuda Triangle – gas hydrates are to blame.

A Russian team of scientists claims that they have found the true form of these mysterious disappearances. They say things happen for the same geophysical phenomena that is the reason for the giant craters suddenly formed in Siberia during summer. Experts formed the theory that in the same case as “pingo” phenomena in Siberia, in the Bermuda Triangle, seabed there, are large bags of methane gas which at one point brakes and the released gases climb to the ocean surface and produce buoyancy loss to boats that pass by that area. Furthermore, when these gases reach the atmosphere, they produce the loss of aircraft portability when they fly through the area.

the bermuda triangle - gas hydratesThe Russian scientist Igor Ieltov claims that the Bermuda Triangle phenomena is an effect of the natural gas hydrates reactions. This gas  actively start to break down making methane ice go to a gaseous form. This reactions happens as fast as an avalanche or a nuclear reaction. setting free massive quantities of gas, making ocean water seems like it is boiling and the ships sink due to buoyancy loss. The same phenomena causes oversaturation to some methane atmospheric regions, leading to powerful turbulence that lead airplanes to a terrible crash.

Natural gas hydrates are frozen mixtures of water and methane gas, and they can be found in the permafrost of some Siberian regions and also in some oceanic basement parts. Nowadays, three giant craters have formed in the Siberian peninsulas (Iamal and Taimir), due to “pingo” type phenomena during explosive releases of gas accumulations. Vladimir Potapov (Ieltov’s colleague) claims that the main element of their theory is the release of gases from these hydrates. He also claims that this kind of gas hydrates are found in the layer of depth (in Iamal it is located under just a few hundred meters deep), and also in the superficial soil layer. During summertime these hydrates melt and the gases bang from the underground with an explosion just like a champagne bottle cap forming these giant craters.


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