Why is climate change still denied by some of us?

Our world leaders have gathered recently to discuss climate change.  Over 30,000 are coming together. The talks are  planned  being two weeks and hope to deliver new policies that will lead to better practices in taking care of our world. With so many people accepting climate change as a fact, this raises a question. Why are there still climate change deniers? What evidence do they have?

One think climate change deniers look at is the increasing of Arctic Sea ice. Sea ice is important because it plays a role in heat. The ice in the polar caps reflects heat off the planet. The more ice there is the more the planet will reflect heat. This results in cooler temperatures. Since 2012, the Arctic Sea ice has actually increased.  This leads some people to think the planet is cooling down. climate change-ice-caps-melt_fa6d6b2b5c47857aHowever this is not the case. Although the data actually shows an increase, it has dropped significantly over the past 30 years. This small increase does not get the planet back to where it was.

Some think that there isn’t a level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to really cause an increase of temperature. Currently, it is around 400 parts per million or ppm. This may not sound like a lot. However, a little increase can cause a lot. The fact is that NASA has published work that clearly states that this level of CO2 has not been seen in over 650,000 years. This is important because it is a greenhouse gas. There more there is in the atmosphere the more heat is retained. So, even if it increases a little, it compounds because the earth is steadily absorbing heat but letting less out. Carl Sagan, a very famous astrophysicist and teacher, used Venus as a shining example.

Some point out that this could be because the Earth is in a natural cycle of heating and cooling. We could be possibly caught in one of these heating periods. It is true that the Earth does go through these periods. After all, we didn’t cause the last Ice Age. However, there is a clear deviation from this rhythm or cycle.  As shown by the OSS Foundation, there is a very sharp increase in the global temperature from the past one hundred years. The natural cycle has clearly been interrupted.

Some argue that climate change is still only a theory. By pointing out that this is a theory, deniers can argue that its credibility is lacking. However, this is a similar argument that people use against the theory of evolution. After all, a theory is tested and gains credibility by accurately explaining things. 97.1% of papers published accept climate change. Only a very small portion denies climate change.

In conclusion, there will always be deniers. In reality, this is good. Deniers do the work in testing the theory. They temper the theory by consistently bringing questions. Climate change has best explained what is happening. Human interaction is causing the planet to warm and only human interaction can cause the planet to cool back down again and get it back in its natural rhythm.

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