Homosexuality and genetics

Those against homosexuality claim that not only is it against their belief system but it is against nature. Meaning that homosexuality is not natural. By arguing this, those against the LGBT community can say it is wrong because we are not meant to be homosexual. However, recent scientific evidence suggests that this is not the case. Homosexuality is genetic and not based on

Sexual orientation has been a hot topic recently. The Christian community sees the acceptance of homosexuality as a way of undermining the foundation of their religion. The laws being passed that allow the marriage of two men or two women are being seen as a way of forcing the religious side to accept it as well. However, accepting it also means changing how they view marriage. However, if they can argue that it is by choice and not by genetics, it allows a more solid foundation of an argument against this.

Researchers have proof: Homosexuality HAS genetic influences!

A study has been done on about 800 gay people that were published in the Psychological Medicine Journal. In it, they found they shared common traits in the X chromosome and another in chromosome 8. As it turns out, among the large data sample, the only common thing they all had in common was being gay. This lead to the belief that nucleotide polymorphism would have something to do with influencing their sexual orientation. Further supporting this, five unique SNPs were found.

Before, it was believed that homosexuality was form of deviancy. Doctors previously thought it as a disorder or disease much the same way alcoholism is seen. This way of thinking gave credibility and support for laws restricting the acceptance of homosexuality. If you link something with other accepted actions of social deviancy you can get others to see that as deviancy as well.

homosexuality Gene  By finding genetic support against this, researchers can now argue this stance is wrong. Homosexuality is not so much as choice as it is a genetic characteristic. Meaning, homosexuals are born and not converted. Being gay is not a matter of choice much like being born white or black. Your skin color cannot be changed and neither can your sexual orientation.  By arguing this, acceptance of homosexuality can have more support. Laws would have to be passed to allow this.

This argument is also a part of a much larger argument in the scientific community that has been going on for centuries. Are we purely the products of our genetic makeup? How much does the environment influence our behavior and how much does our genes influence? Others know this argument as Nature vs. Nurture.

The whole Nature vs Nurture argument is a very complicated one that scientists are still working to explain.  In some cases, nature plays a larger role. In others, nurture plays a larger role. Issues of legality and passing laws come into play when one considers the thought that if we are born this way, is it really a crime? Can you really be blamed for doing something that is a part of who you are? If a person is born gay, can you really say that it is against nature?

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