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Deep Web – ever heard of it?

What is the deep web? How do you get on it? The deep web has been the subject of plenty of horror stories that get passed around over the internet. Go to youtube and just search for “deep web stories” and you’ll get a long list of videos with strange stories.

NATURE-iceberg-deep web-2 To understand the deep web, you really have to know how the regular internet works. If someone wants to make a website, they have to buy a domain. They then go to someplace like They purchase a domain and it is registered through something called a registrar. A domain is anything like “”. However, computers do not understand the domain names. At least, they don’t actually know where a website is located just by the domain. This is really there so we don’t see straight numbers. Every domain is translated to an IP address. This directs the computer where to go to actually request the webpage.

DNS servers are what help translate these URLs into numbers or IP addresses. After a domain is bought and the website is launched, a DNS crypto-head webrecord is created and is placed on the DNS server. When you type in , the request is sent to a DNS server. That server then returns an IP address for the computer to send a message to that address to request the webpage. So, this gives to someone the ability of going to a website without having to know the exact location of the website. With the deep web, these websites are not registered and don’t have a DNS record. Without knowing the exact location of the website, you wouldn’t even know it exists.

Google is able to present you with the web results of a search because they crawl the websites beforehand and index them. That is the basic function behind any search engine. They index websites and are then able to create search results based and how well they are able to match what is on the website with what you are searching for. Deep web sites are not indexed. They are set up so that Google doesn’t index them.

How does Deep Web work?   

Getting on the deep web requires a special type of browser. One example is the Tor browser. The Tor browser uses the Tor network to hide internet traffic through something called onion tor-deanonymizing-traffic-hidden-service-traffic-deep webrouting. In short, onion routing is a way of encrypting data in layers. To start, go to and download the Tor browser. This is a special type of browser that doesn’t allow scripts to run on the browser. It also doesn’t store cookies. Normal websites like to store information on your computer that helps them track what you like so it can display the advertisements it thinks is best for you. However, this can also be used to track you.

What is the point of the deep web? Believe it or not, it’s not just about doing things illegally. Not everything on the deep web is bad. Journalist and others use it to communicate and share information. Whistleblowers of large corporations and government use it to share and send information. Still, there is always a level of illegal activity where there is too little or no control.

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