Smoking – what it does to your body

There is no doubt that smoking cigarettes are bad for your health. They link to all kinds of cancers and can cause a never ending list of problems within the body. Cigarettes can affect every portion of your body and not just your lungs. They affect your bones, decrease your immune system, affect your breathing, your vision, and can even cause cancer.

Smoking and its negative effects on bones


There is a link between smoking and bone density. Bone density relates to bone health. The less dense your bones the more easily it is for them to break. The denser your bones are the harder it is for them to break. This affects you later in life when bone density plays an important role. Osteoporosis is a condition in which your bones become brittle and easy to break. Cigarettes also increases your chances of getting Osteoporosis. Hips, knees, shoulders all are important parts of your body that need dense bones. Furthermore, the chance of breaking these portions on smokers is also increased.

Bones break down your ability to fight disease. Your immune system is responsible for fighting infections so you don’t get sick. The stronger your immune system is the healthier you are. Smoking affects your ability to fight diseases and makes you more prone to autoimmune diseases.

Smoking and circulatory system

The flow of blood in your body is incredibly important. Your bloodstream is responsible for delivering nutrients to the different parts of your body. Smoking adds chemicals in your body that make the delivery of these vital nutrients difficult. Substances can build up in the walls of these blood vessels and can eventually completely block the delivery of blood. The substance is called plaque and the disease is called Atherosclerosis. Strokes are caused when blood flow to the brain is stopped. Smoking increases the risk of this.tobacco

Your lungs are responsible for soaking up oxygen when you breathe. They absorb oxygen through air sacs that stretch and shrink. Once the oxygen is absorbed, it gets put into the bloodstream where it is carried off to be used in different parts of the body.  Smoking inhibits this by reducing the amount of oxygen these air sacs absorb. The reduction decreases the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream. Smoking can cause conditions such as Emphysema where the air sacs lose the ability to absorb oxygen.

Smoking also affects vision. As shown earlier, cigarettes can cause decreased oxygen in the blood. Chemicals in the blood create even more problems. These problems ultimately result in muscle degeneration and nerve damage. Your eyes operate off of muscles and optic nerves. The muscles in your eyes begin to break down. This affects your ability to focus. Eventually, the quality of your vision begins to fail.

Of course, the number on cancer linked to smoking is lung cancer. However, the list does not stop there. There is an entire list of cancers that smoking is linked to. Everything from stomach cancer to mouth cancer can be to traced back to smoking.

In short, don’t smoke!

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